The Cabinet decided on Wednesday to make face masks mandatory again in all indoor and closed spaces in Cyprus, following a hike in COVID cases and hospitalisations the last few days.

Health Minister Michalis Hadjipantela told the press that the measure will be put in effect July 8th and that more details will follow during the day.

He also said that, as for now, there are no thoughts for more measures.

The Minister said there was a rise in all epidemiological indices and hospitalisations which prompted them to decide on the mandatory use of face masks for all persons 12 years of age and over.

He said he is optimistic that citizens will follow the measure and said that by doing so they protect themselves and their loved ones.

Replying to a question he said that authorities realised that a lot of people were visiting closed places without a mask while having symptoms and therefore there was a spread of the virus in recent days. Hadjipantela said that we are now trying to stop the spread while at the same time not restricting the freedoms of the people.

He said that the situation in all public hospitals is under control and that right now around 92 people are receiving treatment. He added that if there is a need for additional measures, we will take them.

Hadjipantela also said that the Ministry closed a deal with 2 private hospitals which are treating less severe COVID cases, adding that no matter what, there is no complacency.

The Minister also announced that next week he will meet with the scientific advisory committee and in case the members suggest more measures, their suggestions will be taken into consideration.

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