The glorious sun amongst a beautiful blue sky makes me feel glad to be alive, a blessing to be enjoyed for all the beauty of life.
Alectrona (also known as Electryone or Electryo) was the Greek Goddess of the sun; it was also thought that she may have been the goddess of the morning or ‘waking from slumber’. Some believed that she was the cause of men waking from their sleep every morning.
Her father was Helios, Titan Lord of the island of Rhodes, and her mother was Rhode (or Rhodes), a nymph from the same island.
Well that in itself should be motivation to bring out the Goddess in you. In the summer, after even just a little exposure to the sun, we tend to look healthier and have a far more sexier glow.
The name Alectrona means amber, iridescent, shining, a perfect name for a goddess of the sun and morning. Her name is also similar to the word for Rooster in ancient Greek, which therefore seems apt that Alectrona woke the sleeping population just as a Rooster would do.
So let’s begin to bring out our inner Goddess and sparkle just as we are meant to. With a little exposure of just ten minutes a day in the sun, we top up on our vitamin D production, required for strong healthy bones, teeth and working joints. So that is one part taken care of, add that little sun kissed glow to the skin, and then not so much skin colouring make-up is required.
What you may need is just a little concealing in some dark shaded or uneven pigmented areas of the skin – the most common trick in the beauty industry is to tilt the head slightly forward to see where the shadow falls, for example under the eyes, under the nose and around the mouth. These are the areas that may need some concealing with foundation or concealer to match the lighter skin tone. The rest of the skin should be left to breath comfortably, especially in the heat of the summer when perspiration is inevitable.
Whether one chooses to set this concealing foundation is of personal choice, and if desired, then a good mineral powder is ideal to avoid the tendency to cake.
The basic needs to complement the sun kissed skin is just a few essentials that are waterproof due to excessive perspiration.

A line of waterproof eyeliner, thinly applied at the inner corner and gradually thicker towards the outer corner of the eye. Holding the brow upwards as the line is drawn helps create a more youthful look, so the line stays high up when the held skin is released. This avoids the line falling downwards with natural gravity.

Having eyelashes permed or lifted chemically gives a curled up look that seems to make the eyes stand out more, as the lashes frame the eye for more focal attention. The chemical treatment can last about seven or eight weeks which is the approximate lifespan of our lashes. Second to this is to use lash curlers.

Lash tinting
Lashes can be chemically tinted to the shade of your normal mascara – black, brown or blue/black. This is then waterproof, ideal for the summer swimming and the heat. Once again this can last up to seven or eight weeks. Alternatively a waterproof mascara can be used.

Eyebrows can also be tinted with lots of colour options which works great, especially for naturally light coloured blonde or grey hair. Add in a little brow gel or use alone as an alternative to the tint. The eyebrows frame the face and the shape is important for creating an optical illusion of face shape dimension.

Lip colour
For daytime, neutral shades give a natural look of not trying too hard. A bold colour works great for special occasions or evenings out. Use a waterproof line of lip colour and fill in with waterproof lip shade of choice. There are many that really are waterproof and kiss proof now, so they will actually last all day. Add a touch of gloss on top and the Goddess is set to shine all day long.
Bring out the goddess in you!

Love and Sparkles
Samsara x
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