Officers from the Welwyn Hatfield South Safer Neighbourhood Team visited   earlier this month to help pupils with National Fieldwork Week.

Taking place on the week commencing Monday 6 June, the team made three visits to the school throughout the week.

On Tuesday, they accompanied the children on a walk in and around the village, helping the children to learn about road safety.

Returning the next day, they brought along the speed gun and headed to Bluebridge Road where the children got to use the device and help deter motorists from driving dangerously.

To finish the week, Friday morning saw the team head out with small groups of children and the speed identification device (SID). The SID is used to monitor the speed of vehicles, showing a smiley face or sad face to signify their speed. Afterwards, the children came together for an assembly where they discussed their findings.

PCSO Abbie Richards, from the Welwyn Hatfield South SNT, said: “Community engagement is at the heart of the SNT’s work and so we were delighted to help the pupils with their National Fieldwork Week.

“It’s so important for children to be aware of road safety and they were all eager learners! Speeding in the area is currently one of our policing priorities so this was also a great opportunity to tackle the issue.”

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