The annual multinational aeronautical exercise “NOBLE DINA – 2022” wrapped up on Thursday, with the participation of vessels and aircraft of the Armed Forces of Cyprus, Greece, the USA, France and Israel, which was the host country. The exercise took place from 20 to 24 March in the framework of the implementation of the bilateral defence cooperation program between Cyprus and Israel and took place in the sea area southwest of Cyprus.

A press release by the Ministry of Defence says that the scenario of the exercise included various training activities in the marine environment, such as regular movements and advanced manoeuvres, warships, anti-submarine warfare and aeronautical cooperation operations, as well as research and rescue  drills  under the aegis of the joint rescue coordination centre (JRCC) of the Republic of Cyprus.

Cyprus participated in all phases of the exercise with the General Support Ship ALASIA, of the Naval Command. During the execution of the research and rescue scenario an AW-139 helicopter, of the Air Command, the Patrol Ship TSOMAKIS and the Offshore Ship IOANNIDIS of the Navy Administration also took part.

The exercise, in the framework of  international collaborations developed by Cyprus, gives the opportunity to staff of the National Guard and the JRCC to co-train with the army forces of  allied countries, the press release reads.

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