US is undercutting three of strongest allies in region, by undermining EastMed, say Reps Billirakis and Malliotakis

US Representatives Gus Bilirakis and Nicole Malliotakis recently sent a stern letter to Secretary of State Antony Blinken vociferously objecting to the Administration’s recent reversal of support for the Eastern Mediterranean Pipeline.

“By undermining the project, the Administration is undercutting three of our strongest allies in the region: Israel, Greece, and Cyprus, as well as the European Union’s hopes for energy independence and economic prosperity”, the letter says, according to a press release by the two US Reps which was made public Tuesday.

They note that Europe is facing an unprecedented increase in energy prices, spurred by several political, geographic, and market forces adding that a significant cause of the energy price spike is the short supply of natural gas.

In the letter they also underline that despite Europe’s decades-long push toward green and renewable energies, the surge in energy prices has ironically led to the increased use of coal to meet demand.

The Reps note that as natural gas is a cleaner energy option when compared to coal, it is a crucial energy source for governments seeking to transition to greener energy sources.

“The European Union recognizes this fact and has declared the Eastern Mediterranean Pipeline a «special project». The Biden Administration’s actions in this matter are particularly objectionable and hypocritical in light of its tacit approval of Russia’s Nord Stream pipeline, which will only deepen Europe’s energy dependence on a volatile adversary,” said Congressman Bilirakis.

“The Administration must realize the significant economic, environmental, and national security implications that are at stake in this matter and reconsider its decision to withdraw support for this critical project,” he said.

“President Biden`s decision to shut down America’s Keystone XL Pipeline, greenlight Putin`s NordStream 2 pipeline, and now disavow the Greek-Cypriot-Israeli EastMed Pipeline is a microcosm of this Administration`s failed energy and foreign policy agendas,” said Congresswoman Malliotakis.

“This President is asleep at the wheel, and his decision-making could cause severe economic and national security consequences for America and our allies”, she noted.

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