Strong winds affect Cyprus on Sunday, while people have flocked to the mountains to enjoy the snow, with increased traffic in roads leading to Troodos being reported by the police.

In the meantime, in statements Cyprus Trasport, Communications and Works Minister, Yiannis Karousos, has said there was no information so far about any problems at the airports due to the strong winds.

“Airports have their protocols, and if any problem arises then the Air Traffic Control Centre will contact the air carriers to take any required action,” he added.

The police said in a press release that there was too much traffic in roads leading to Troodos mountain, around Sunday midday, and urged drivers to be very careful.

Many roads leading to the mountains are open only to four wheel drive cars and those equipped with snow chain.:

Drivers are encouraged to drive at low speeds, maintain safe distances from vehicles in front of them and have traffic lights on.

The Meteorology Department issued yesterday a yellow wind warning for today valid between 05:00 and 17:00 hours local time saying that “near gale westerly winds force 7 Beaufort are expected to affect the windward mountainous and inland areas at times, while gale force westerly winds force 8 Beaufort will be affecting the windward coastal areas at times.”

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