It is easy to slip into the relaxed slippery slope of complacency, where you can plod along with the easy comfort of doing things without thinking; Drive every day to the same places of necessity for family and essential needs, drive or use transport to work, drive or walk the children to school, go to the stores or order your groceries online, all with a click. Even doing the same exercises maybe when you go to the gym, it all becomes such a mundane, thoughtless procedure, where there is no brain process of thoughts required.
How can you progress, change, achieve and/or excel, if you do not include any form of change, to push beyond your boundaries and take you to higher heights, far beyond your own expectations? How can an athlete win a competition by just keeping to the same exercise? A bodybuilder has to change exercises and/or push heavier weights to create change for a body transformation, otherwise there will be no muscle increase.
The point is, take the chance and try new things to create changes. That one day that you decide to move in a new direction, or go do something you have not done before, can be the day that changes your entire life. That one walk in the park, enrolling at a gym, that one day on a new course, or attending a party, can be the best thing you have ever done. The start of learning a new skill or hobby and meeting new people can be the fresh start of a new career, business idea, friendship or even a relationship.
The fear of the unknown can be strong for some, to the point that it holds them back, while others, like children, leap into new things without thinking too much, and just go for the adventure. Take the risk or lose the chance, don’t be afraid to do things on your own, don’t wait for others to join a gym or class with you. Be brave and bold enough to do things for yourself, get out there and be social, talk to new people and discover the new world about you and what you are capable of doing.
Make the change by finding lots of new things that you want to try and do, by finding subjects of interest, whether it is learning a new advanced skill in what you do, or go for something completely new, make it happen by researching the places that offer those subjects of interest and then get yourself booked on.
I personally have done a new course of study, learning every year, since the age of seventeen, so over the years that’s a lot of study in many varied subjects. Sometimes it was one evening a week, otherwise it was one day a week, and other times a weekend course here and there. So from hair and beauty therapies, fashion studies, fitness, dance, kickboxing, media skills, I made it so that the world really is my oyster.
New knowledge exercises the mind, learning new skills will make the brain work, it helps delay the onset of dementia, even by merely something as simple as counting steps in a dance class, so a double whammy for the brain and body fitness level.
Get motivated, get ready to create a fabulous new worldly you, full of new knowledge; knowledge is power, and with the power of knowledge, you can transform your life with new opportunities, new jobs, new relationships, better and greater than ever before!

Love and Sparkles
Samsara x

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