From 19 July, the way we shop, work and eat has changed. There is new government guidance for working safely during COVID-19 for businesses and specific sectors (external link).

The government has issued a list of priority actions that businesses need to do to protect staff and customers:

  1. complete a health and safety risk assessment that includes the risk from COVID-19
  2. provide adequate ventilation, ensure there is a supply of fresh air to indoor spaces where people are present
  3. clean more often, especially surfaces that people touch a lot
  4. turn away people with COVID-19 symptoms
  5. enable people to check-in at your venue
  6. communicate and train all your workers on how you are using and updating safety measures

Above is a brief summary, all businesses are advised to read the full guidance at the links below, depending on which sector you work in for more comprehensive advice and communicate this info to staff:

For more information, visit GOV.UK – Business support (external link)

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