A plan to manage a possible 3rd pandemic wave in Cyprus includes, among other things, the use of 300 additional hospital beds in wards, as well as more training for nurses and doctors.

The plan was presented to Minister of Health Constantinos Ioannou by the State Health Services Organisation (SHSO) during a meeting today.

In statements after the meeting, Ioannou said that that an updated plan has been drafted, which provides for a greater number of patients who could be treated both in ICUs and in COVID-19 clinics, adding that further training has also taken place and more equipment has been made available.

“The experience gained so far by SHSO is being put to use in cooperation with the private sector to deal with the possibility of a 3rd wave”, he noted, expressing his satisfaction.

Asked what the plan includes, the Health Minister said that it provides for more hospital beds, “about 300 more”, adding that the cap is 120 beds in ICUs and that this has been utilised so that the beds available can increase in proportion to the nursing and medical staff.

On his part, SHSO CEO Christis Loizides said that during the meeting an operational plan of the organisation which is being drafted by consulting company Deloitte was also presented to the Minister.

“We are close in finalising the plan, which will help the organisation in planning for its autonomy and its independence,” he added.

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