Two thousand Pfizer COVID-19 vaccines, from those that have been allocated to the Republic of Cyprus by the EU, will be handed over to Turkish Cypriots during the next days.

According to CNA sources, the Greek Cypriot and the Turkish Cypriot co-chairs of the bicommunal Technical Committee on Health will discuss on Friday morning about the delivery of the vaccines, since technical preparations have been completed and the relevant protocols for health safety and the storage of vaccines required by the EU and the pharmaceutical company are implemented.

The same sources noted that a Pfizer official visited Cyprus recently and went to the occupied areas, while the staff that will carry out the vaccinations to the Turkish Cypriots has been trained though the Technical Committee.

Following the same process, vaccines will continue to be delivered to the Turkish Cypriots via the Technical Committee. The Health Ministry of the Republic will issue a press release in the Turkish language as well, the latest by the beginning of next week, as regards the application process for the registration to Covid-19 vaccinations for the Turkish Cypriots, citizens of the Republic of Cyprus, who are entitled to take the vaccine.

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