Pfizer / BioNTech will reduce deliveries of their COVID-19 vaccine in all EU member states and thus in Cyprus during the next couple of weeks, as Cyprus’ Ministry of Health announced Friday. Cyprus will receive 3,510 doses of the vaccine on 18 January instead of the 6,825 originally expected.
The Ministry of Health, says that it was notified by both Pfizer / BioNTech and the European Commission, that due to upgrade of the company’s production capacity, the quantities of the vaccine that will be delivered in the next period to all member states of the European Union will be temporarily reduced.

As the Ministry notes, the reduction in quantity will temporarily affect deliveries in the second half of January until the beginning of February, without however affecting the total quantity to be delivered in the first quarter of 2021.
As far as Cyprus is concerned, it is pointed out that the vaccinations that are scheduled for next week will not be affected, nor the 3,466 appointments that will be available from next Monday for the week starting on January 25. The Ministry also makes clear that vaccinations with the second dose of the vaccine will be carried out smoothly since the quantities needed are already stored.

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