On the 26th November 2020 our beautiful Ella was tragically taken away from us so suddenly and unexpectedly. We are absolutely heartbroken and devastated.

Ella was a 13 year old girl who was funny, caring and loving she touched the hearts of everyone that met her. Her life wasn’t meant to tragically end like this it was only just beginning… She was a funny, kind and caring girl loved by all who knew & met her. She truly was special. Whenever you saw Ella she was always on her phone either taking selfies or doing snapchats, she didn’t care where she was or who was around our funny crazy girl!

Our nightmare begun on the evening of 24th November 2020 Ella collapsed and stopped breathing. Her heart stopped beating for approximately 10 minutes and she wasn’t breathing for approximately 45 minutes, she was rushed to hospital immediately and placed in an induced coma. After several tests it showed our Ella had suffered severe brain damage. She tragically died on 26th November 2020. We are still unsure of the reason for her to collapse and be taken from us… We have set up this just giving page to bring something positive at this devastating time in loving memory of Ella. So many people want to show support for Ella and her family. We would like to give this beautiful angel the most amazing send off she deserves. She was a special girl and loved by so many and will never ever be forgotten. We share this page with broken hearts,

Donate on her just giving page  HERE


One Response to Tragic story of 13 year old UK Cypriot Ella Gilchrist Constantinou who passed away this week

  1. John Suleyman says:

    So, so sorry for your loss. We lost our loving 22 year old son July 5th and can fully relate to your shock and pain.
    Life will never be the same without them in this life.
    We live in America but home is still U.K. and laid out son to rest in the far side of the cemetery.
    My wife insisted to be with our son over the new year, she was visiting during your funeral, she called me and we both are so touched for the wonderful farewell service.
    May they both Rest In Peace and we all will be reunited with our loved ones eternally. Share our pain and somehow you will carry on as we have for the past 6 months and beyond. Our hearts are with you always
    Sincerely, John

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