Tourist arrivals for January – October rose by an annual 0.6% marking a new all-time record for the first ten months, the Cyprus Statistical Service has said.
According to Cystat, arrivals for the period of January to October reached 3,697,055 compared to 3,673,377 in the respective period of last year.
In the ten months of 2019 arrivals from the United Kingdom, Cyprus’ largest tourist market, reached 1.24 million marking a reduction of 0.3% compared with the respective period of 2018, whereas arrivals from Moscow amounted to 0,72 million down by 0.5% compared with January – October 2018. Arrivals from Israel reached 0,27 million marking an increase of 24% year on year.
In October tourist arrivals reached 0,43 million up by 0.7% marking a new record for the period. Arrivals from Israel rose by 91%, followed by Ukraine with 44% and Russia with 13%. Arrivals from the UK and Germany declined by an annual 8.0% and 14.7% respectively.

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  1. Ipanema Boy says:

    Forget the UK or German markets. The future of tourism in Cyprus will rest on Russians, Ukrainians, and Israelis.

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