Yes it is cold, so does it affect you personally, or are you one of those robust people that just don’t feel the cold as much and love it. Do you let it get in the way of your outdoor sport activities, or are you one that most definitely decides to change the whole game plan for winter? Well although there are those people that will still go out for that bike ride, for a run or even have that winter barbeque party and actually enjoy it, I am sadly not one of those people and for some of us, it is like torture. I really don’t enjoy the cold too much and it most certainly affects me. I have to dress up really well in lots of layers in the winter even when indoors, let alone outdoors. As we all feel and cope with temperature differently, our coping mechanism is also different.

I often call myself a beach babe, not because I would like to spend all day at the beach, but just because I just love the summer time and the full on activities of the summer that being near a beach offers, day or night, for fun or relaxation.

In the summer, people are out, whether fishing, on boats, swimming, doing water sports, playing ball on the beach, having parties and dancing by the beach, or having parties or festivals outside.

Just being moderately active at some point during the day keeps you fit, even if it is outdoor; even some gardening or working on an allotment can be enough for some to keep themselves in good health.

There are many people who find it difficult to cope with severe harsh winters in some countries, and purely for health reasons, they choose to move to warmer climates for health improvement. It is a known fact that people with joint ailments, or those with past injuries, often suffer when the damp cold sets in. This however should not be an excuse to become couch potatoes. Finding a way to retain some sort of winter sport activity for exercise should come high on the list for general health and wellbeing. Remember exercise is not only essential for physical wellbeing, but also for mental wellbeing. Exercise triggers off those endorphins that make us feel good, having a number of physiological functions that activate the body’s natural opiate receptors, creating an analgesic effect. So don’t let the winter switch off your joyful mood, get out there and find alternative things to do to keep you happy, happy, happy!

If the sunshine does appear and it is a dry sunny day, I will actually make an effort, wrap up really well and get out for some outdoor activity during the day, as the sun will make it feel a little warmer. So I will make an effort and do try, on those sunny days, to embrace it.

So what can you do in the winter months to keep active? There are so many things available nowadays even at your local gym or sports centre, from weight training machines, runner, stepper machines and boxing bags that you can do solo. For others who like or need a little guidance, there are classes that  are given by instructors to motivate you and help you with good technique. Some gyms, sports centres or studios offer classes in badminton, basketball, martial arts, indoor cycling, climbing, aerial exercise and a variety of dance classes.

There are even virtual classes offered at some gyms now, with big screens in studios showing a variety of classes with clear instruction footage from your favourite well known instructors.

Don’t want to join a gym? Then do some virtual guidance classes in the comfort of your own home in your own privacy. Many channels and apps offer this, like ‘Body in Balance’ the world’s leading wellness TV channel which you can easily find in the UK. You will find many varied classes from leg workout training, abs, the perfect bum, the cheerleaders workout or yoga for seniors, and so much more; there is something for everyone at


Find what appeals to you, learn some new skills and enjoy the practice of self-improvement and good health whilst you have fun at the same time.

Happy health and wellbeing.


Love and Sparkles

Samsara x

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