Police are targeting uninsured drivers in Hertfordshire this month and asking if the risks of not having cover are really worth it.

During the campaign police will check passing vehicles’ registration plates to ensure they are insured. Police can also check if the driver is insured to drive that vehicle. Motorists need to be aware that even if the vehicle itself is insured, if you are not correctly insured to drive it, you could get penalised.

Motorists caught driving without insurance will receive a minimum £300 fixed penalty notice and six points on their licence. Vehicles will be seized and potentially crushed or sold at auction. Uninsured drivers can also be referred to court where they face an unlimited fine and a driving ban.

Chief Inspector Chris Treadwell said: “Officers across the three counties are focused on ensuring uninsured drivers are caught and dealt with appropriately.   We would like to remind motorists that motor insurance is compulsory under the Road Traffic Act. Driving without insurance on a road or in a public place is Illegal and will not be tolerated on our roads. Having valid motor insurance is more than a legal requirement: it is designed to protect victims of road traffic collisions by providing them with financial compensation. The consequences of driving without insurance are significant and we want to remind the public that it is a risk that is simply not worth taking.”

Last year 132,804 uninsured vehicles were seized across the UK. 2,012 tickets for driving without third party insurance were issued across Hertfordshire in 2018.

To check if a vehicle is insured visit askMID.

To check your vehicle is insured, please visit askMID. To report an uninsured driver, call the Insurance Fraud Bureau on 0800 422 0421 or report online.

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