By George Savvs

Now that we are at election mode, it is important for me as elected Councillor in the London Borough of Enfield to address to the community what is at stake on December 12th.

Unlike other elections, this general election has been called by the Tories and their cronies because they have made a national mess over Brexit. I want to make it crystal clear this election is a two horse race between a Tory controlled government and a Labour one. I know many of you are angry over the whole Brexit fiasco. If the Tories win the election with an overall majority, then the UK will be dejected from the European Union. There will be no second referendum or a second chance, it will be a done deal. If a Labour government is elected, then at least a people’s vote will be offered and we will have a chance to either accept or reject a finalised deal.

However, having said this, the General Election should and must be more than just one single issue. In the last ten years, the Tories have run this country to the ground. We have seen more privatisation of the NHS and healthcare services and to add insult to injury, if Brexit was to happen, President Trump would only strike a UK-USA trade deal if the NHS was up for privatisation. Even for a simple flu jab, one now has to wait for a month and if they are lucky, they will get it by the end of November.

During the Brexit campaign, the Tories and their cronies openly lied to the public that we would save £350 million each week if we left the UK. Money that would be ring fenced for the NHS. We were told lies that new hospital wards will be built and more nurses and doctors will be employed and better treatments for cancer and dementia patients. Shame on the Tories and their lies!

Boris Johnson was the instigator of these lies and has unwavering support from the Tory faithful. In Enfield-Southgate, Tory candidate David Burrowes was and still is a staunch Brexiter. In order for Brexit to happen, the Tories need an overall majority and need to win in places including Enfield-Southgate. The Tories and their cronies have launched a war against one of our own, none other than our well respected and trusted hardworking MP Bambos Charalambous.

As a community, our vote should go to Bambos Charalambous.

Brexit is the road to uncertainly and the UK will not be better off under any circumstances. This coming election is about trust and we can’t trust the Tories for the lies they said during the Brexit campaign and beyond. Trust the Tories at your own risk.

Better still, you are safe with Labour, therefore we vote Labour and I will certainly dance for Bambos again.

By George A Savva

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