The assessment that the measures approved against Turkey won’t be effective was expressed by the General Secretary of AKEL A.Kyprianou.

Speaking to the morning programme of “Astra”, Andros Kyprianou pointed out that the EU’s measures are small compared to the size of the crime committed by Turkey.

He also stressed that there has been a big delay in imposing sanctions on Turkey, adding that there has been an indecision on the part of the EU with regards the issue of refugees.

The General Secretary of AKEL also said that Tayyip Erdogan is behaving in a way that is disregarding human lives. He went on to say that the decisions in Turkey are not taken collectively, but are only taken by Erdogan himself.

At the same time, the General Secretary of AKEL underlined that due to the military operation in Syria, Turkey will not deal with the Cyprus problem. Nevertheless, he accused the government ruling forces of seeking to portray a different picture, adding that they are attempting to reassure the people by engaging in communication tricks. A.Kyprianou stressed that things have become more difficult and complicated, adding that fait accompli are being created.

Andros Kyprianou expressed deep concern about how things will develop, bearing in mind the way President Anastasiades is handling the Cyprus problem. He called on the government to wake up and act in a way that safeguards the interests of the Cypriot people.

AKEL: The EU measures are small compared to the size of the crime committed by Turkey

“Astra” Radio station, 17th October 2019

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