Antonina Adamou is a UK London based artist working with mixed media approaches to painting and drawing.

You can see her work on view at the Anthony Webb gallery at 348 Green Lanes, Palmers Green, London N13 5TJ between October and December 2019.

Antonina was born and raised in North London, with her father of Greek Cypriot heritage and her mother of Sicilian heritage.
She studied at the University of Hertfordshire and graduated with a BA in Fine Art in 2018.
Her full time job lies within the legal sector so she spends the majority of her spare time creating new art work and developing her ongoing passion for her art career.
Antonina says, ‘My love for art began at a very young age, painting and drawing whenever I could find the chance to. All I really wanted to do was create! My Yiayia (Grandmother) introduced me to the world of fashion design when I was 15 years old, I undertook three weeks of work experience with the fashion designers in her company learning how to illustrate and communicate ideas in a visual form originating from drawing and painting. It was at this point in my life that I realised my love for depicting the human figure and this is when I became really passionate about it.’

Her practice takes a modern day approach to the classic Alla Prima Style in which the process is very direct, painting wet on wet and building layers with brush strokes that are fast and spontaneous in the moment marks are embraced as part of the final picture.

The human form takes the main focus of subject matter in her current body of work with ideas that have stemmed through the exploration of themes such as self acceptance , letting go of control and moving away from the idea of perfection.

She intends for her work to depict emotions that convey a narrative through which the viewer can question , therefore anticipates that the viewer looks deeper than the surface of her subjects and rather into the story behind him.

You can see more of Antonina’s work by visiting www.antonina,com or see what she is up to on Instagram¬†

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