AKEL honours the anniversary of 28th October 1940 and the heroic resistance of the Greek people to the attack launched by fascist Italy. The “NO” that the Greek people sounded reflects the anniversary’s patriotic, popular and antifascist content. The repulsion of the Italian attack by Greece sent the message across Europe that fascism is not invincible. Subsequently, in the years of the triple occupation, the epoch of the National Resistance during 1941-44, with EAM-ELAS at the forefront, rallied together the overwhelming majority of the Greek people, remains to date a global symbol in the struggle against fascism.

We pay tribute and glory to those who fought and sacrificed their lives in the struggle against fascism. We also honor the thousands of Cypriots who fought on the battlefields of World War II, of which six hundred – both Greek Cypriots and Turkish Cypriots – gave their lives and are buried across 18 European countries. The decision of the C.C. of AKEL in June 1943 for the voluntarily enrollment of its militants and members in the anti-fascist struggle is a badge of honor in our Party’s history.

The meaning and message of 28th October remains extremely topical at a time when efforts are underway to falsify Europe’s History. The fact that in the parliaments of European states there are now political descendants of the Nazis and their associates is a disgrace to History and Democracy. The recent European Parliament resolution that attempts to reverse the historical truth of World War II to equate communism and fascism is an insult to the millions who sacrificed their lives to crush the monster of Hitler-fascism, to the hundreds of thousands of people who suffered from the hardships and hunger in fascist-occupied countries. The treacherous actions of the collaborators in Greece and across Europe during the years of occupation, reminds us that fascists – no matter the “patriotic” or “pro-peoples” disguise they appear – will always be enemies of their countries and peoples.

In honoring the 28th October anniversary, AKEL extends a warm greeting to the Greek people, who has been and remains a valuable and irreplaceable supporter of Cyprus in its struggle for freedom, independence and reunification.

AKEL on the 28th October 1940 anti-fascist anniversary

AKEL C.C. Press Office, 27th October 2019, Nicosia

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