Tyler Nilson and Michael Shwartz’s delightful film arrives direct from last week’s London Film Festival screening. The story of Zak (Zack Gottsagen), a young man with Down’s Syndrome who dreams of leaving his nursing home in order to become a professional wrestler. One day he outsmarts his nurses and runs away from this claustrophobic environment and begins a long journey into the unknown in order to achieve his goal. Meanwhile Tyler (Shia LaBeouf) a troubled man with a haunted past also finds himself on the run after he steals the catch of other crab fishermen. These two unlikely characters join forces and begin an adventure using any means possible through land and sea heading towards the South…

The pairing of LaBeuouf and Gottsagen is truly inspiring – they are both terrific and also very funny especially in their improvised scenes. This is probably Labeouf’s best performance to date supported by a great cast – not only by Gottsagen’s likeable presence but also by Dakota Johnson as Zak’s loving carer determined to track down her patient’s steps.

One of the most original and enjoyable film of the year! See it and leave the cinema with a big smile on your face!



South African director Gavin Hood first came to prominence with his international hit TSOTSI before he made RENDITION and EYE IN THE SKY. He now delivers another urgent political drama based on true events which arrives in cinemas straight from its London Film Festival premiere. He tells the story of Katharine Gun (Keira Knightley), a young honourable woman, who works as a British intelligence specialist handling classified information.

The time is 2003 and the British government is in support with the USA’s decision to invade Iraq despite masses of demonstrations and protests around the globe. One day Gun receives a memo from the NSA in how USA with the help of Britain are planning to blackmail United Nations Security members into voting in favour of war…

Hood’s low key direction is aided with an understated central performance by Knightley who is well supported by Ralph Fiennes as QC Ben Emmerson, an expert in human rights ready to defend Gunn in court after she is accused for leaking the story to the papers. Urgent storytelling still very relevant to our current climate!



The Norwegian director of KON-TIKI Joachim Ronning delivers another spectacular film following his Hollywood debut with PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEN: SALAZAR’S REVENGE a couple of years ago.

The beloved story of Princess Aurora (Elle Fanning) continues – the Sleeping Beauty cursed when she was a baby by her godmother Maleficent (Angelina Jolie). It is several years later since MALEFICENT and Aurora’s relationship with her godmother is still as complex as ever particularly when Prince Philip (Harris Dickinson) asks her to marry him. And at the engagement dinner party at the Palace the friction between Maleficent and Queen Ingrith (Michelle Pfeiffer) spirals into uncontrollable evil actions beyond belief…

There are many remarkable set pieces that look absolutely splendid on the giant IMAX despite the repetitive nature of the action and the feeling of déjà vu. Jolie is as effective as ever but it is Pfeiffer who threatens to steal the movie under her nose (and horns).



Olivier Assayas’ delicious comedy is intelligently acted and eloquently directed. There are nods to Chekhov and Woody Allen where all the characters are living a double life, having extra marital affairs and are probably in love with someone else rather than their spouse.

The circle of friends begins with Alain (Guillaume Canet) a successful publisher married to Selena (Juliette Binoche), a star of a popular television show who is having an affair with Leonard (Vincent Macaigne) an aspiring writer desperate to be published by Alain. And La Ronde goes on…

There is plenty to enjoy in this engaging and unpredictable film which benefits tremendously by the grace of its performers.



Another film direct from the London Film Festival is this brilliant Australian documentary from Richard Lowenstein, the director of many INXS music videos during the 80’s and 90’s whose personal experience with the group makes him the ideal person to bring this story to the screen. He examines the meteoric rise of Michael Hutchence, the rock band’s frontman, who formed the group in 1977 and became an iconic figure across the universe.

A lot of rare archive material with Hutchence on stage as well as off focusing on his private life and his lovers including a very young and innocent Kylie Minogue, who contributes most effectively and eloquently about the charismatic “Rock God” and their lives together. A must see!



Shaun the Sheep returns for another likable adventure following his adorable feature film debut a few years ago. He now switches to a sci-fi scenario – the flock on Mossy Bottom Farm don’t know what hit them after strange lights are seen over the sleepy town of Mossingham followed by the unexpected arrival of a sweet alien called LU-LA who crash lands near their farm….

There are more than a couple of references to E.T. while the expert team behind the Aardman Animations bring back some old favourites characters including new arrivals and their charm is simply irresistible.



Tomer Heyman’s daring documentary was one of the highlights at last spring’s Flare BFI Film Festival. A highly explicit and fine portrait of Jonathan Agassi, the alias name of the popular Israeli gay porn star who is now based in Berlin. Heyman follows his subject on the set of many porn movies in Europe and abroad as well as at home in Israel when Jonathan is visiting his mother, one of his biggest fans.

It is a compelling and mesmerising film but certainly not suitable for those easily offended!


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