The importance of a position expressed depends on who expresses it.  For that reason, that a case like that of the Greek MP of the “New Democracy” party K. Bogdanos swearing at AKEL and stating in his interviews that “AKEL’s History is full of shameful moments” and that “AKEL shouldn’t be talking about Greek patriotism” has the gravity that a case like this specific one may have. None at all!

It is, however, extremely revealing about the identity of governing DISY the fact that the Organisation of Young Scientists of DISY chose to invite this well-known ultra-Right winger to Cyprus who, for example, laments because a border guard embraced a refugee rescued from the sea in a discussion on the migrant issue.

This particular Greek MP, who indeed had meetings with Ministers of the Anastasiades government, is the same person who was mocking Magda Fissa, the mother of the anti-fascist rapper murdered by “Golden Dawn” and who expressed his sympathy towards the killer.

He is the same person who claimed that the 1973 Athens Polytechnic uprising is the reason “why we lost Cyprus” and not the high treason committed by the Greek junta, which the coupists/putchists themselves in Greece and Cyprus are propagating, while he also issued warnings that tanks would enter the Greek state television station ERT building.

Racism, homophobia, attacks on people with disabilities, the policy of informing on people, crude and blatant anti-communism, and the like all form the picture of DISY’s prominent guest.

It would be useful for DISY and the Government’s Ministers to inform us about the results of his contacts. In any case, DISY doesn’t need to import colourful ultra-right wingers from Greece – it has many itself.

With which Greece AKEL is connected is well-known. AKEL isn’t connected with the Greece that Bogdanos and his like express, nor with their visions. We are connected with the Greece of democracy, genuine national and popular struggles, anti-fascism, and with everything the associates of Bogdanos loath and detest.

Statement by AKEL C.C. Spokesperson Stefanos Stefanou on “New Democracy” Greek MP Bogdano’s statements

DISY doesn’t need to import colourful ultra-Right wingers from Greece – it has plenty itself

AKEL C.C. Press Office, 7th October 2019, Nicosia

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