On the occasion of Cyprus Independence Day 1st October, AKEL extends a greeting to all the Cypriot people, Greek Cypriots, Turkish Cypriots, Armenians, Maronites and Latins. It pays tribute to all those who fought to end colonialism, to those who defended the independence and unity of the Republic of Cyprus on the battlefields, in the popular struggles, in the diplomatic battles waged and in the political life of the country.

The establishment of the Republic of Cyprus rid Cyprus and its people of the colonial yoke, but unfortunately did not free it from foreign dependencies and commitments that were imposed by the compromise between NATO members Greece, Turkey and Britain which resulted in the Zurich Agreements. AKEL, despite its disagreement with the Agreements, called on the people to seize the great opportunity of independence, to work towards its completion and to defend the existence of the Republic of Cyprus, a path that could do away with the negative provisions of the Agreements.
On the contrary however, the Republic of Cyprus was constantly attacked from within and external forces. The nationalist forces in both two communities remained stuck to the visions of Enosis (Note: union with Greece) and Partition, sowing the poison of chauvinism among the people that led to bloodshed and terrible crimes being committed. NATO and the so-called “mother countries” (Note: Greece and Turkey) were hatching and elaborating plans to impose “double Enosis” (Note: the dissolution of the Republic of Cyprus through the division of the country between Greece and Turkey), in the absence of the people and their leadership.

The climax of the plans against the Republic of Cyprus was executed in 1974 by the junta of Greece, EOKA B and the Turkish Attila invading army, always following orders from NATO, leading to the painful disaster of betrayal, occupation and division. Despite these blows, however, the will of our people to defend its independent state, in combination with the solidarity expressed by the international community, has kept the Republic of Cyprus upright, shielding our people and the unity of our homeland.

AKEL notes that the greatest shield for the Republic of Cyprus and our people will be the termination of the Turkish occupation and the reunification of our country by achieving a comprehensive solution to the Cyprus problem. A solution providing for the termination of the occupation, division and colonization (of the occupied areas), the abolition of the guarantees and intervention rights, the transformation of the Republic of Cyprus into a bi-zonal, bi-communal federation with political equality as outlined in UN resolutions. This is the solution that will halt the foreign aggressions, the new fait accompli being promoted by the occupying power and the consolidation of partition over time.

AKEL is adamant that the resumption of substantive negotiations on the Cyprus problem, based on the agreed basis and framework, is an urgent need, from the point where they had remained at Crans Montana. Everyone must now realise the enormous dangers arising from the perpetuation of the status quo which represents a slippery slope towards a worst situation.

In honoring the anniversary of Cyprus Independence, AKEL assures the Cypriot people that it will continue to defend the Republic of Cyprus as the common home of Greek Cypriots and Turkish Cypriots.

It will continue to hold the flag of Cyprus high as the flag of our struggle for the liberation and reunification of our country and people.
The Central Committee of AKEL

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