Turkey is facilitated by those who flirted with a two-state solution

The Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Anastasiades – DISY government, Mr. N. Christodoulides launched an attack via “Astra” radio station against AKEL, claiming that AKEL is “justifying Turkey” and that our Party’s criticism on the Cyprus problem seeks to score petty-party points. Even worse, Mr. Christodoulides indirectly but clearly questioned the sincerity of AKEL’s concerns surrounding developments on the Cyprus problem and the country.

One could of course point out to Anastasiades’ Minister that Turkey is facilitated by those who flirted with a two-state solution. One could also point out the President’s transformations and contradictory handling of the Cyprus problem and the fact that – as the government and ruling forces have managed to – Turkey appears as being relieved of any responsibility on the Cyprus problem, even in the Reports submitted by the UN Secretary-General.

Mr. Christodoulides instead of engaging petty-political games by attacking AKEL should have been concerned about the government’s double talk on the issue of Famagusta because the colonization of Famagusta is not some flash in the pan, as the government ruling forces had initially declared, but constitutes a real threat. He should even be dealing with the failures of the government’s foreign policy, such as the drastic measures that Cypriot diplomacy was going to achieve against Turkey, such as the myths propagated about “our Exclusive Economic Zone is protected”, but also that “we have nothing to worry about from Turkey’s actions or statements”, at the same time as Turkey is promoting new fait accompli against Cyprus.

It is evidently unusual for a leading government official not being able to understand that we in AKEL always say the same things before, after and during elections. We don’t transform or adapt our positions according to the audience we address.

AKEL has for many years now been expressing the same positions and principles as it is expressing today too. When the government ruling forces were reassuring the people about forthcoming developments, we were warning of the dangerous path the Cyprus problem finds itself, as well as the beginning of new serious fait accompli by the occupying power.

Unfortunately our warnings have been confirmed!

We do not seek any justification for AKEL. Our demand and duty is to vindicate Cyprus and our people. That is precisely why we insist and demand consistency and total commitment to the agreed framework of the solution and the agreed convergences that have been recorded, to the efforts for a resumption of substantive talks, to the prospect of a solution to the Cyprus problem that will liberate and reunite Cypru

AKEL C.C. Spokesperson Stefanos Stephanou replies to Foreign Minister N. Christodoulides’ statements

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