After having a few stressful encounters, I had to re-evaluate some thoughts and plans yet again, in order to maintain some sanity. It really isn’t so easy when certain people around you, who are family and/or elderly who were difficult to begin with, and as the age they are even more set in ways. Sometimes it may be other relatives, old friends or young ones who see the world from modern view and mindset. Often people can make situations and drama out of things that don’t really exist, yet by misinterpretation, be it the language barrier and tone, a mixture of strong personality, foreign and British culture mix, a relationship can keep breaking down continuously. Possibly, different personalities may clash because of life choices and personalities have individual superior thoughts that they may try to either hold, force or constantly instil to action on others.

Being of Mediterranean background, it seems to come as part of the foreign package. Many will keep trying to maintain a friendly family relationship; however it can be extremely draining and tiring. The impact of stresses and arguments can cause a great deal of stress which can impact on our health in ways that often we wouldn’t even think of. Most know that stress can cause blood pressure to rocket, not so good if one suffers with that in the first place. Other related problems are strokes, heart attacks, seizures that can result in coma and loss of appetite which is not good if one is prone to fainting when not eating on time to maintain blood sugar levels. Then there is teeth grinding from being stressed and anxious, which eventually can ruin teeth surprisingly. Being more accident prone is well documented when under a great deal of stress, due to the lack of concentration in performing general tasks.

Keeping calm and relaxed is important for our good health, so setting out some strategies is important, yet easy to get distracted from actually doing so.

When people disrupt my serenity, be it family or associate, I remove myself from the toxic situation by not answering the telephone calls, often not responding to the text message, or even answering the door which is a little harsh and can riddle one with guilt, but I have trained myself to be maybe a little selfish that no matter what happens, even though I don’t ever like ending on a bad note. My well-being comes first and if people choose to disrupt my harmony at that moment in time, it is best for them and myself that I remove them from my space and time, till I have brought myself back to calm after dealing with what I consider to be their inappropriate bad behaviour that does not fit in accordance to my own morals and standards.

So this a good time to remember all the good relaxing things you can do to help you get that smile and sparkle back that others had taken away from you.

Surround yourself with people you love, the ones that truly make you smile and laugh from within. These are the ones that root for you from the heart with good and sincere intention, who do not want you to be sad at all. They will go out of their way to make sure they see you get your smile on.

Relax and do things you enjoy, whether it is putting on your music and dancing around or going out with friends to dance or even sing and dance. It will get those endorphins kicking in for sure and make you feel better.

Treat yourself to something pampering, even if it means a bubbly soak or a home pedicure. Do your hair, nails, make up, whatever it takes. Have a good massage along to some relaxing music that you like.

Watch your favourite feel good movie and eat some food along with your favourite drink that you love and makes you happy.

The most important thing is that you share how you are feeling with some real good friends, that are non-judgemental and sincere to you. Sharing a problem and your feelings with those who genuinely care will give you their non biased thought and ideas on how you could possibly deal with situations, that you may not have thought of. Don’t wallow in the problems – air it, discard it and move on from it, with a new angle of approach to deal with it for self-preservation.

Feel happy and blessed as your friends become your chosen family. If you have family that you would have chosen as your friends, even if they were not family, then you are sincerely blessed.


Love and Sparkles

Samsara x


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