In this world of social media, when everyone’s life is in your face, you may think that everyone else’s life is sweet and yours is not, in reality, everyone is different in many ways and with their own problems and varied emotional heartache from either friends, work or family. The difference being some display their emotions publicly and others do not. The choice is that of the individual. Just as each of us are individual, the way we handle our anxiety or sadness is also individual and personal. It is not compulsory to conform in order to blend in with the rest of society, and if people want to misjudge you, it is because of their own ignorance. So whether you are one of those that takes a picture of your sandwich you are just about to tuck into, or one of those who has taken a picture of your car or maybe your time in the bathroom, it is of course your own choice if you want the world to know about it. Some prefer to display only the things that will make other people smile and think “how endearing” giving hope, love and joy to others, while others choose to be open and let people see their misfortune or sadness. Whatever you choose to do, it is a personal choice, but don’t be dragged down into the feeling inadequate zone.

I, myself, try to aim to put something up on Facebook once a week and keep it neutral, informative and joyful, but between Instagram and Twitter and all the rest, I often don’t even do that because I am busy just BEING and living it in the moment. I want to enjoy just living life, not filming it for everyone else to think what a great life she has or doesn’t have. If on the other hand some pictures happen to be taken, or there was some film footage by someone, then I will share. So yes, social media is great to catch up on how loved ones and family are growing up or have achieved something great and wisely knowledgeable, or for amusing and beautiful moments. I have been out where some people check in somewhere and do a film clip selfie endlessly, every time, and just I don’t get it. Again a personal choice, but in reality just don’t forget to live in the moment without the selfie throughout.

If the world around you is bringing you down or you are feeling a little inadequate because of social media or maybe just life in general, here are some healthy ways to bulletproof your thoughts, emotions and wellbeing.

Detox your body – that does not mean live on carrot juice for a week, it simply means focusing on giving a helping hand to those vital organs that sometimes take a battering.

The brain is the body’s control centre, it is in charge of what we think, feel and do. It regulates blood pressure, breathing, heart rate and temperature. It also interprets a vast amount of information from the inside of the body to the outside of the body. The brain is involved in controlling our mood by influencing levels of the mood lifting chemicals serotonin and dopamine, and by also interpreting sensory information it receives from the body and the environment.

With stress, lack of daylight, sunlight, exercise, vital nutrients, the body and mind will suffer and malfunction, like that of neglected and non-serviced machinery to eventually breakdown. So you can start by making sure you get out a little each day in the daylight. Don’t sit in with closed curtains all day. If you can grab a short burst of sunlight each day, even 10 minutes will give you your daily dose of the essential vitamins D that will re-energise you and is also good for protecting us from illnesses such as heart disease. It is good for bones, teeth, hair, and nails.

The heart is the main organ, the muscular pump with the job of pumping blood rich in oxygen around the body to meet its various demands to keep the body functioning adequately. Avoiding oily, rich, comforting foods with little exercise and being overweight, will decrease its smooth working system. Eating a balanced diet of natural, healthy, nutritional food, is of course always best. Make sure some organic or homegrown fresh fruit and veg are included whenever possible.

Alcohol, medication, sugar and caffeine are not the best always for the body. Sometimes they can stimulate or relax and relieve one thing but can have side effects in other ways and can play havoc with the kidneys, liver or heart. So as always, everything should be in moderation and only taken when really necessary. Drinking plenty of water alongside to counteract the negative effects is often advised to us.

Keeping calm is vital for well-being. If you are feeling down or mellow, the last thing you may want is to be around those that may trigger you off to feeling worse or may have even been the ones that put you there in the first place. So avoiding these types of people as much as possible is fine. It is not part of the law where you are obliged to be around them or even answer a call from them, do it in your own time when you feel you can cope or deal with them.

If you feel like you don’t want to go out and party and you just want to be on your own or only spend time with selected company, those that are genuine and believe in the good of you, and are good for you, then fine, do just that. You know who will make you feel good with their positivity and who will make you feel bad with their negativity. Withdrawing from events or those who are soul destroying and toxic is your safety bulletproof vest for you, your brain and your emotions.

If you are having a down day or two or three, it’s ok, you are human, you don’t have to be lively all the time, just go with it; knowing it will pass and that there is always a brighter day with hope ahead tomorrow or another day in the future, allows us to just be in the moment. Good or bad, life is not of course roses all the time, it is a constant cycle that turns – the wheel of life, a life that we should be grateful to just be a part of.

With the right people around you, will always know how to smile.


Love and Sparkles

Samsara x



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