The European Statistical Service “Eurostat” has released figures showing Cyprus topping the table in the consumer price levels of essential goods from the 28 EU member states. According to these figures, the price of milk, cheese and eggs in Cyprus is the most expensive across the whole of the EU. The price of bread and cereals is 23% more expensive than the EU average. The price of products such as oils and non-alcoholic beverages in Cyprus is also significantly higher than the EU average.

And all this at the same time as wages in Cyprus have fallen to the level of the previous twenty years, as prices for essential goods for families and households have risen sharply. To this we must add the unbearable prices and increases in the price of fuel, electricity, airline tickets and of course rents.

This is the reality that people are living through; a reality that the government ruling forces call a “success story” and “spectacular recovery” of the Cyprus economy. That’s how far they are removed from the day-to-day reality of the Cypriot people, workers, young people, pensioners and the unemployed.

The DISY/Anastasiades government is very sensitive when it comes of course to serving the interests of the privileged few, the banks and big business.

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