Transport, Communications and Works Minister Vassiliki Anastassiadou has confirned that Turkish drones are flying above Paphos but has told CNA that they do not place the safety of commercial aircraft at risk.

Anastassiadou, who was replying to a request by CNA to comment on the matter, said that she has been briefed by Civil Aviation on the matter and that there are drones flying within the international air space and are a nuissance which however does not place at risk the safety commercial airplanes.

The minister also noted that due to the situation air traffic controllers are obligated to make an even greater effort when performing their duties.

It is “a nuissance because they do not communicate nor do they cooperate with Republic`s authorities as is the case with commercial aircraft.”

She made it clear however that under no circumstances is the safety of airplaines at risk, adding that the ministry takes all necessary steps and informs Eurocontrol and all other relevant organisations.

The Turkish drones are “Bayraktar TB2” type.

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