Panos Savvides and his niece Stephany Savvides both swam the Serpentine on Saturday 21 of September to raise money for Multiple Sclerosis the event was organised by Children with cancer UK. Their family havè been effected with M/S and the charity really does help those who are effected.
For both it was their first time swimming in this event Stephany swam two miles and Panos one mile.but Stephany has all really run the marathon this year and is also running next year to raise money for M/S.
If you would like to donate to the M/S charity please go and google JustGiving and look for Panos Savvides or Stephany Savvides and donate every little bit helps Thank you

They would also like to say a big thank you to all those kind and generous people who sponsored Stephany and Panos because between them with your help they nearly raised £2000 for the M/S charity. And they thank all of you for your charitable contributions.

To donate to this worthy cause click HERE

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