22 year old UK Cypriot Joanna Chimonides joins the reality show Love Island.

Joanna is born in London her parents are UK Cypriots Tony and Andrea her paternal grand parents are from Vassilia and Kalopsida.

Caroline Flack hosts the show with the cast of hot young singles who have come looking for a summer of love and romance in Majorca. The winning couple will leave the island with £50,000.


The show starts with 10 ludicrously attractive British people in swimsuits in a villa in Majorca (because given how much of this show involves bikinis and six-packs in the sun, there’s no way it could actually be filmed in England). The five girls all stand in a line outside and watch as men come out one by one, not unlike sushi on a conveyor belt. If they like him, they step forward. If more than one girl steps forward for the guy, he gets to pick. Then BOOM. They are now COUPLED UP.

Throughout the series, the contestants all stay in this giant villa that, despite being huge, only has two bedrooms because ENTERTAINMENT.

One bedroom is the hideaway, where certain lucky couples get to occasionally spend a romantic night together. The other bedroom is where the rest of the hoards of contestants sleep, with one bed per couple. Cue painful montages of dry humping.

More men and women are then added to the villa almost daily as the episodes continue for about eight weeks. There are also some fun and slightly cringey challenges thrown in, like a sexy dance. Or a kissing game. Or a topless “fireman rescue.” You get the gist.

Then there are “coupling ceremonies,” where people can decide to either continue with or “uncouple” from their current partner. If you’re thinking this sounds like it’s from the Gwyneth Paltrow dictionary of breaking up, you’d be entirely right. With new hot people constantly going in and out of the villa, staying loyal to the same person can be tricky (see: last year’s “loyal” meme).

In order to win Love Island, you have to be in a couple by the end of the series—which feels slightly like my nightmares where all my married friends ditch me.

Basically, you have to make it through the entire series without being dumped AND without being voted off. The audience can decide to vote off couples or individuals, depending on the episode. It gets particularly spicy when someone’s other half is voted off, resulting in two people intentionally leaving the villa last year to pursue their banished partner in the name of love (spoiler: it didn’t work).

The audience then votes for their favorite couple still left at the end

Unfortunately, this one is for Brits only: Voting is done through the official UK Love Island app. It is not available on the U.S. app store—trust, I have tried.


If a couple wins Love Island, they can win £50,000 (roughly $64,500). I say “can win” because it’s not necessarily theirs—there’s a dramatic moment at the end when each person in the couple decides to split or steal the money. Except it’s not dramatic at all, because (a) nobody wants to be the most hated person in Britain and (b) previous contestants have reportedly made millions since the show, so by comparison, £50K feels a little paltry (not that I would turn it down).


There are a couple rules we know of that contestants have to follow in the villa or they’ll get kicked off the show (as has already happened in season 5). Islanders are free to have sex in the villa, as long as it’s safe sex with some of the pre-stocked villa condoms. However, masturbation is banned. Also, nudity is banned. Fun, right?

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