A new Modern Greek language online learning course (e-class) aimed specifically at young overseas Cypriots has been launched by the Open University of Cyprus (OUC) and NEPOMAK.

On Thursday 1 November, the Rector of the OUC, Mr Sokratis Katsikas, and the Head of Student Welfare Services, Ms Elena Gregoriou, visited London to present two new e-courses and answer questions from NEPOMAK members and other members of the UK Cypriot community. The event was supported by the National Federation of Cypriots in the UK and held at the Federation’s headquarters in North London.

Mr Katsikas introduced the OUC and spoke of how the university has grown substantially over the last few years with more students and more courses available. Mr Katsikas also explained that the new e-classes being presented are part of the OUC’s “Programme for Expatriates” which aims to make Cypriot culture and history more accessible to the to the Cypriot diaspora. Ms Gregoriou presented the details of the new Greek language e-class as well as a new e-class about the history of Cyprus.

The Deputy High Commissioner for Cyprus to the UK, Mr Nicholas Manolis, attended the launch and expressed support for the initiative on behalf of the Cyprus High Commission. The Presidential Commissioner for Humanitarian Affairs and Overseas Cypriots, Mr Photis Photiou, recorded a message of support for the new initiative saying that “this programme represents an excellent opportunity for the diaspora” and thanked the President, Rector and others from the OUC for their collaboration on it. Mr Photiou also praised NEPOMAK “for their will to retain and enhance their [Cypriot] roots”.

NEPOMAK President, Mr Christos Tuton, introduced the guests before their presentation and spoke of the relationship between the OUC and NEPOMAK and the “incredible opportunities that their cooperation provides”. He explained that one of the main “fruits of that cooperation” was the NEPOMAK-OUC Annual Scholarship Award that gives NEPOMAK members the opportunity to study for a postgraduate-level degree with a tuition fees covered in full by the OUC.


New e-classes


Both new courses are available to all overseas Cypriots who have finished high-school/secondary school. NEPOMAK members will be able to study the course for free thanks to the generous support from the Office of the Presidential Commissioner for Humanitarian Affairs and Overseas Cypriots. It is free and easy to become a NEPOMAK member via www.nepomak.org/signup if you are an overseas Cypriot aged 18-30. The course costs €650 to non-NEPOMAK members.


Modern Greek language


The new Modern Greek language e-class is studied entirely online through the OUC’s specialist distance learning platform. The e-class features authentic texts and exercises, as well as new vocabulary and examples of everyday situations that use the recently learned language. The course will also help with the phonological, morphological and syntactic aspects of the Modern Greek language such as pronunciation, derivation, declension and compounding.

The e-class Modern Greek can be studied at one of four levels depending on the individual’s prior knowledge of the language. The beginner-level teaches very basic communication skills including introducing yourself, meeting people and giving directions, whilst the most advanced level teaches the comprehension of complex texts as well as how to write and construct these yourself. Students will be placed in the class that reflects their knowledge of Modern Greek to ensure that they receive the most beneficial classes. A certificate is awarded upon completion of the class.

Applications for the beginner-level e-class are now open (www.ouc.ac.cy) and will close on 30 November. This e-class will run from January to May with two mid-semester assessments and a final test in May. Applications for the three more advanced levels of the Modern Greek e-class will open mid-2019, more details on this will be announced closer to the time on NEPOMAK’s social media channels (@nepomak) and on the NEPOMAK website (www.nepomak.org)


Introduction to the History of Cyprus


Another e-course, ‘Introduction to the History of Cyprus’ was also launched by the OUC for the Cypriot diaspora. This course aims to give an overview of the history of Cyprus covering antiquity (4th Century AD) to when Cyprus entered the European Union in 2004. It covers everything in between including Byzantine Cyprus, Frankish Cyprus, Ottoman Cyprus, British Cyprus, the EOKA struggle, Cypriot independence, inter-communal conflict, the coup and invasion by Turkey in 1974 and attempts to find a solution to the Cyprus issue.

Applications for this course will begin in February 2019 and more details will be announced closer to the time on NEPOMAK’s social media channels (@nepomak) and on the NEPOMAK website (www.nepomak.org).


*NEPOMAK is the World Organisation for Young Overseas Cypriots and is run day-to-day by 150 volunteers aged 18-30 from around the world. It has activities in 40 cities globally and directly reaches 15,000 young overseas Cypriots. By getting involved, our members have the chance to learn new skills, challenge themselves and develop life-long friendships. Sign up as a member for free at www.nepomak.org/signup

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