1. Developments on the Cyprus problem

Stagnation, deadlocks on the Cyprus problem, as well as the fact that Turkey is acting arrogantly relieved of responsibilities consolidating the occupation and partition, create a tragic picture of our Cyprus. What is at stake right now is the resumption of negotiations as soon as possible. The resumption of negotiations must be achieved on a correct basis that already exists, namely the Gutteres Framework. This is the context, which Mr. Anastasiades admits it would be “insane” not to accept: the Framework which provides for the abolition of Turkish guarantees and the withdrawal of occupying troops, that offers the possibility of a viable and functional solution to the Cyprus problem. It is paradoxical that while Mr. Anastasiades has this Framework before him he is opening other discussions about a “loose federation” which threaten to derail the efforts for resumption of negotiations and the basis for the solution of the Cyprus problem, since the other side is already putting forth its views within the framework of “new ideas” for a two-state solution and confederation. If we want to safeguard the future of our country and people, we must finally abandon the regressions, experimentations and tactical games and focus on the resumption of negotiations on a correct basis.

  1. On the debate that is beginning to be promoted on NATO and a NATO solution to the Cyprus problem

All of a sudden a discussion has started evidently focused on the possibility of Cyprus joining NATO and a NATO solution to the Cyprus problem being promoted. We hope that this isn’t yet another move to distract the people in the face of the tragic deadlocks so as to side tract the discussion, once again cultivating illusions among the people. If this issue is indeed opened on the government’s initiative, it is an indication that the goal is to further undermine the climate on the domestic front, but also to derail the efforts for a resumption of the negotiations. This approach is politically erroneous, damaging for the people and divisive. It is based on ideological obsessions and illusions.

Statement by Christos Christofides, AKEL Nicosia – Kyrenia District Secretary and AKEL Political Bureau member

AKEL C.C. Press Office, 11 November 2018, Nicosia

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