Two Greek Cypriots and one Turkish Cypriot were taken into custody by the so-called police for holding fake banknotes
Under the front-page title: “‘federal’ gang”, Turkish Cypriot daily Kibris (19.12.12) reports that the so-called police, in an operation it carried out in occupied Keryneia, it seized 352 banknotes of 100 US dollars each, since they were fake.

The total amount of 35.200 was found inside the car of a Turkish Cypriot called, Turan Kurisi. Turan Kirisi admitted later that he had taken the fake money from two Greek Cypriots called Louis Loizou and Tasoula Kosta, who were later arrested by the so-called police at the Agios Dometios crossing point while trying to cross into the occupied area of Cyprus, writes the paper.

The three persons “appeared” yesterday to the occupied Keryneia district “court”. The “court” order for the three persons to remain into custody for three days.

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