President of the Republic Demetris Christofias will visit the Turkish occupied north of Cyprus when his term in office ends in February, to meet with enclaved Greek Cypriots living in Rizokarpaso and Kormakitis and progressive Turkish Cypriots.

President Christofias made the statement during a luncheon which he hosted with First Lady Elsi Christofia, for the enclaved children.

“When I complete my term in office, I will come to visit you at Rizokarpaso and the Maronites in Kormakitis but also meet with Turkish Cypriots because you are well aware of my relationship with Turkish Cypriots, especially the progressive ones”, he said.

He praised his wife’s recent visit to the enclave, noting he was unable to join her because of the peculiar conditions in the northern part of the country, making it impossible for him to visit the enclaved who are living under conditions of occupation.
President Christofias remarked that “we are all suffering from the Turkish invasion, and the Turkish Cypriots too. A settlement and the freedom of Cyprus will also mean freedom for our Turkish Cypriot compatriots even though Turkish Cypriot leader Dervis Eroglu is in line with the hardline and intransigent powers in Turkey promoting a solution of two states”.

Christofias said this was not the wish of Turkish Cypriots who are suffering from the settlement”. He extended Christmas and New Year wishes to Maronites, Armenians and members of the Latin community.

Addressing the children of the enclaved who are continuing their high school education in the free areas, away from their families in the Turkish occupied north, President Christofias wished that next year the new president invites them to the Presidential Palace, although he hoped that the island will be reunited by next year. “However, I think that possibility is far fetched,” he said.

President Christofias said that “we have tried to solve the Cyprus issue but unfortunately international circumstances and Turkish intransigence which has been upgraded lately, did not allow us to achieve this noble cause”.

“I hope and wish the next President of the Republic manages to do better”, he added.

President Christofias praised the children and their teachers as well as the staff at the Education Ministry who are responsible for the children’s education “and who take care of you because I consider them your guardians during the days you are forced to be away from your families”.

The children thanked the President, offering him a sapling to plant at the Presidential Palace.
Cyprus has been divided since 1974 when Turkish troops invaded and occupied the island’s northern third.

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