Eroglu: If the Greek Cypriots accept our positions we will reach an agreement Turkish Cypriot daily Gunes newspaper (28.12.12) reports that the Turkish Cypriot leader, Dervis Eroglu has said that they follow closely the candidates in the presidential elections, which will be held in the Republic of Cyprus in 2013. Addressing a reception he hosted for journalists on the occasion of the New Year, Eroglu referred to the candidates and noted that DISY chairman Nikos Anastasiades is a politician whom they know.
He argued: “Some views he put forward in the past were encouraging, even though only a little bit, but recently we see and we hear that he has passed to a very different line. It is obvious that we will not be able to reach anywhere, if Mr Anastasiades tries to abolish or water down Turkey’s active guarantees, to reject the rotating presidency, to throw away from the island some citizens of the TRNC, to take away from us some accommodation units and to cause wounds which could not be healed. If he does not do these and follow a realistic and constructive way, I wish we agree. We follow close the statements by Malas and Lillikas as well. Unfortunately, both candidates see absolutely not even one of the just demands of the Turkish Cypriot people”.
Eroglu claimed that the wish of the Turkish side is to reach a solution to the Cyprus problem after “a productive negotiating process” with a timetable. He alleged: “We have many times said that we will support a four-party or a five-party meeting, that is, a multiparty meeting during this process. We expect from the sides concerned in Cyprus to support this sincere wish of ours and bring the Greek Cypriot side into a correct road… Unfortunately, the point to which we have come until today with the stance followed by the EU and the UN is disappointing for us. The status quo is used by the Greek Cypriot side against the Turkish Cypriots and the Turkish Cypriot people are victimized in an unjust manner [in the fields of] trade, economy, sports and politics. Our people are not satisfied with this course and their most important demand is to be saved from all the isolations, the embargoes and the restrictions. The Turkish Cypriot people demand from the world to respect their rights and continue their struggle for this”.
Responding to a question on the internal situation in the occupied area of Cyprus, Eroglu said that if he was in the “government”, he would not think of holding early “elections” now, because the ruling party has more than one year left in “power” and such a decision would be tantamount to saying that it could not bear the burden of being in “power” or that it wants to increase the number of its “deputies” to 40. Eroglu said that the “country” faces many problems and that the “government” should find solutions to these problems.

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