TURKISH CYPRIOT PRESSThe illegal visit of Turkey’s Foreign Minister Davutoglu in the occupied area of Republic of Cyprus is covered extensively in the Turkish Cypriot newspapers over the weekend. Turkish Cypriot press on Saturday also reports on the reaction of the Turkish Cypriot trade unions against the upcoming visit of Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan.

The main issue in today’s Turkish Cypriot newspapers is the statements by Turkish Cypriot leader Dervis Eroglu’s special adviser Kudret Ozersay to illegal Bayrak television evaluating the outcome of the tripartite meeting in Geneva. The ongoing demonstrations against the ruling National Unity Party (UBP), the World Taekwondo Championship that will be held in the occupied area in 2013 and other domestic issues are also covered today.

[01] Davutoglu paid an illegal visit to the occupied area of Cyprus

Illegal Bayrak television (08.07.11) reports on the visit of the Turkish Foreign Minister Ahmet Davutoglu paid illegally to the occupied area of the Republic of Cyprus. According to illegal BRT, Davutoglu, who arrived in occupied Cyprus on Saturday morning, first visited the tomb of the late Turkish Cypriot leader Dr Fazil Kucuk and then the headquarters of the “Cyprus Turkish Peace Forces”. During his visit, Davutoglu held separate meetings with the so-called prime minister Irsen Kucuk, and the Turkish Cypriot leader Dervis Eroglu. Davutoglu paid his first official visit to the occupied area of Cyprus after he assumed the position of the Foreign Minister –for the second time– following the formation of the 61st Government in Turkey.

At a joint press conference after the meeting, Eroglu expressed his satisfaction over to see Davutoglu and his delegation in the “TRNC” and said the visit gave more power to the “Cyprus Turks” at a time when the negotiation process is being intensified. Eroglu also expressed his hope for concluding the negotiations by the end of the year. Noting that during his meeting with Davutoglu they exchanged views on the course of the negotiations process, Eroglu said Turkey with this visit, has once again proved its support to the “TRNC”.

In addition, according to Ankara Anatolia news agency (10.07.11), for his part, Davutoglu expressed his hope that the Cyprus problem be solved by the end of 2011, a referendum to take place at the beginning of 2012, and a “reunified Cyprus” to undertake the rotating presidency of the European Union (EU). Calling on the Greek Cypriot side to help end the long-awaited Cyprus solution process, Davutoglu said: “It is high time that we end this long-awaited process.” Addressing the Greek Cypriot side, Davutoglu said that it would harm everyone to delay negotiations, thinking that it could undertake the rotating presidency of the EU in 2012 as a representative of the entire island.

Davutoglu said nobody could doubt about the sincere efforts of Turkey and the “TRNC” for a peaceful and comprehensive settlement. “We hope that our steps are responded and a solution is found to the Cyprus problem as soon as possible,” Davutoglu said. He added that “a federation based on two founding states would be established, and winds of peace will blow in Eastern Mediterranean and the region will turn into a basin of peace and prosperity”. Reiterating Turkey’s support to the breakaway regime in occupied Cyprus, Davutoglu said that if a settlement is reached, peace would be ensured in the East Mediterranean, a genuine integration will be achieved in the EU, and a message of peace would be given to the entire world.

Davutoglu called on everybody to undertake their responsibilities, and said that the EU should not welcome July 2012 with a “divided Cyprus, a part of which was isolated and a part of which was subject to a treatment it did not deserve”. The Minister said it was obvious that the “TRNC” was eager and sincere for peace, and it was unjust to continue the “isolation of the TRNC” although the “country” said “yes” to the reunification of the island in a referendum in 2004. “We call on the international community to end TRNC’s isolation, ensure TRNC people to use all their rights, and give the place TRNC people deserve,” Davutoglu said.

Davutoglu expressed hope that an outcome would come out of intensified talks between the Turkish Cypriot and the Greek Cypriot sides until October. “If an outcome does not come out, then we, altogether, will have to think what we will do,” he also said.

Inter alia, AA news agency reports that at the press conference, Eroglu said that the status quo is no more sustainable, and they had the right to question on which ethical grounds isolations were based if peace is not reached and if one of the sides kept waiting. He also added that the “TRNC” had been in continuous dialogue with the AK Party Government and Davutoglu.

Meanwhile, AA news agency (09.07.11) reports on statements of Davutoglu prior to his meeting with the self-styled prime minister Irsen Kucuk. Before his meeting with Kucuk, Davutoglu said that it was a tradition for Turkish ministers to make their first visit to the “TRNC” after being appointed. “It shows the strength of ties between Turkey and TRNC,” Davutoglu said, adding that Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan was, also, scheduled to visit the occupied area on July 20, the 37th anniversary of the Turkish invasion in Cyprus.

For his part, Kucuk highlighted the importance Turkey attached to the occupation regime and thanked Turkey for its support. Kucuk also said that the meeting would examine the recent three-way meeting of the Cypriot leaders with UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon.

[02] How the Turkish Cypriot press covered Davutoglu’s illegal visit to the occupied area of Cyprus

Following are the front-page titles of the papers:

KIBRIS: “Total support to the solution”. The paper refers to the one-day illegal visit of the Foreign Minister of Turkey Ahmet Davutoglu to the occupied area of Cyprus and his contacts there and writes that Davutoglu wished for a solution to be found to the Cyprus problem and the Federal Cyprus to take over the EU term presidency.

YENI DUZEN: “A religious report was submitted”. The paper writes that in the framework of his contacts to the “TRNC”, Ahmet Davutoglu carried out also a meeting with Talip Atalay, chairman of the “Department of Religious Affairs” of the “TRNC” to whom he submitted a red file. As the paper writes, it was made known that the file includes details on “TRNC” religious issues”.

HAVADIS: “Solution by the end of the year”

AFRIKA: “Threat”. Under this title, the paper writes that Davutoglu who visited the “TRNC” for five hours, sent messages for the solution and a referendum. The paper writes that the message of Davutoglu to the Greek Cypriot side to give up from the unilateral undertaking of the EU presidency was a threat.

HABERDAR: “Davutoglu’s timetable”. The paper publishes in its front page a calendar and writes that the calendar of Ahmet Davutoglu writes the following:

October 2011: Summit in New York, making progress and preparation for the solution.

December 2011: Reaching to a solution to the Cyprus problem and signing of the solution by the two leaders.

January 2012: Conduct of a referendum

July 2012: Undertaking the EU presidency by the Federal Cyprus

ORTAM: “Davutoglu enlightened”

STAR KIBRIS: “Message for reunion”

VOLKAN: “Turkey is by the side of the TRNC”.

VATAN: “Enough, it is time”. The paper writes that Davutoglu came for a one-day visit, he gave messages to all the involving sides at the talks and left.

HALKIN SESI: “The goal is a United Cyprus in 2012”.

KIBRISLI: “United Cyprus for the EU term presidency in 2012”

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