Eroglu’s meeting with Fule

Turkish Cypriot daily Haberdar (15.07.11) reports that Turkish Cypriot leader Dervis Eroglu met yesterday in Brussels with the EU Commissioner of Enlargement and European Policy Stefan Fule. During the meeting, the so-called presidential undersecretary Hasan Gungor, Eroglu’s special representative Kudret Ozersay, the representative of the breakaway regime to Brussels Ahmet Erdengiz, the “head of the EU coordination centre” Erhan Ercin and Fule’s advisors were also present.

Speaking to reporters after the meeting, Eroglu said: “It was a very good meeting. We discussed in detail every issue, and the views that have emerged have highly satisfied us.”

Eroglu also said that he is satisfied to see that he is in consensus with the EU Commission that there should be a Cyprus settlement until the end of this year.

Noting that they also discussed the issues related to trade across the Green Line and the EU projects applied in the occupied area of the Republic of Cyprus, Eroglu said that he briefed once again Fule that they do not see from the Greek Cypriot side reciprocal conveniences that they provide to the Greek Cypriot lorries and taxis.

Eroglu added that he was briefed by Fule on his meeting with Davutoglu. Replying to a question whether he discussed with Fule the recent statement by Davutoglu, Eroglu said that there was no reaction by Fule on this statement.

Eroglu noted that when the Greek Cypriot side will take over the rotating EU presidency in July 2012, it will not only offend them it should also make the EU uneasy.

Eroglu added that he shared with Fule the view that a Cyprus settlement may be reached in October if the Greek Cypriot side displays the same intention. Eroglu concluded by saying that Fule wants a Cyprus settlement and that Fule is also satisfied from the Turkish Cypriot side’s policies.

Moreover, Turkish Cypriot daily Star Kibris (15.07.11) reports that Fule, in a written statement after the meeting with Eroglu, said that he reiterated to Eroglu the strong support of the European Commission for the efforts of the leaders of both communities and the United Nations to achieve a comprehensive settlement of the Cyprus problem, which will bring an end to one of the oldest conflicts on European soil.

Fule also said that he exchanged views with Eroglu on the recent tripartite meeting in Geneva and the importance of reaching an agreement on the outstanding core issues by October.

Finally, Fule appealed to the leadership and spirit of compromise required to achieve this outcome.

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