Interior Minister Neoklis Sylikiotis has said the government will begin paying out damages very soon to people living in communities, which were affected by a huge blast at Evangelos Florakis naval base, on the southern coast, on 11 July. The massive explosion killed thirteen people, injured dozens and caused extensive damage to nearby Vassiliko power plant, as well as communities in the vicinity.

Sylikiotis noted that the damage caused by the blast is estimated at 1.7 million euro, adding that various residences and other constructions have already been restored by the state. He said the government will talk to insurance companies to avoid double payment to those entitled to state aid. Sylikiotis said that the damage was recorded by the relevant District Administration Offices and the competent state department and that he has already given instructions for damages to be paid. “If more funds are needed, I will ask the Council of Ministers to approve them,” he said.

The blast occurred when a cache of seized Iranian munitions blew up on Monday July 11 at the naval base. About 100 containers – most packed with gunpowder – had been stacked in an open field at the base since 2009. They had been seized from a ship sailing from Iran to Syria, in violation of UN sanctions against Teheran. Following the blast, the Ministers of Defence and Foreign Affairs and the Chief of the National Guard have stepped down.

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