Foreign parliamentarians visit illegally the occupied area for the 37th anniversary of the Turkish invasion in Cyprus

Turkish Cypriot daily Vatan (19.07.11) reports that self-styled speaker of the parliament Hasan Bozer met yesterday with the foreign delegations that are illegally in the occupied area of the Republic of Cyprus to attend the “celebrations” of the 37th anniversary of the Turkish invasion in Cyprus.

The Belgian MP Fatma Pehlivan, Danish MP Huseyin Artac, deputy chairman of the People’s Freedom Party of Bulgaria, the deputy president of Gagauzia (autonomous territory in Moldova) Nikolae Stoinanov, members of the war veteran association from Turkey, members of “Macedonia Horizon Association” and some foreign journalists participated in the meeting.

During the meeting, Bozer reiterated the view that the Cyprus problem was created with the Greek Cypriot side’s dream of uniting Cyprus with Greece and becoming the sole owner of the island. He also alleged that “Turkey intervened in Cyprus with its rights stemming from the international agreements”.

Referring to the ongoing Cyprus talks, Bozer said that the negotiations cannot continue forever and that the Turkish Cypriots should see what they can do at the end of it. He added: “When the whole world and the Greek Cypriot side give to us our rights, then an agreement will be. Otherwise, the existence of two states in the island will continue.”

Bozer also stressed to the presence of foreign delegations that always has given them strength and support to their “struggle for existence”.

Belgian MP Pehlivan said that they are in the island to share with the Turkish Cypriots this happy day. She also said that actually in Europe they know very well the situation in Cyprus, adding that in every opportunity they explain the struggle of the Turkish Cypriots and what is going on in the island.

Danish MP Arac said that in the past they used to have harsh reaction in their country when they were visiting the occupied area of the Republic of Cyprus, however, he added it is not like this anymore.

Stoinanov said that they are brothers with the Turkish Cypriots and that their forces will be strong if they are united. He also said that he studied at illegal universities in the occupied area.

Meanwhile, the paper reports that Bozer also met yesterday afternoon with the vice-rector of Kyrgizstan Arabayev University Tuugunbai Konurbaev, and the Director of New Sciences Technology Institute of Arabayev University Kadyrbek Aldbaev. Bozer also met with the vice chairman of the parliament of Gagauzia Cissa Vladimir.

The foreign parliamentarians met also yesterday with Turkish Cypriot leader Dervis Eroglu, Vatan reports. During the meeting, Eroglu reiterated that a lasting agreement is possible only if the “realities” are taken into consideration.

Referring to the ongoing Cyprus talks, Eroglu said that at the tripartite meeting in Geneva a last chance was given for a meeting until October, adding that “we believe a rapprochement can be achieved till October”.

Claiming that although enough opportunities for an agreement emerged from the negotiations that have been going on for years now, the Greek Cypriot side has always rejected them, Eroglu added that while the Greek Cypriot side was accepted in the EU, the Turkish Cypriot side was forced to live under the “embargoes”. He also said that during his contacts in Brussels he exerted his view to the EU officials that these practices should end. Eroglu also wished for Turkish and Greek Cypriots to live side by side and in peace, something that it has not been possible until today.

Moreover, Ankara Anatolia news agency (18.07.11) reports that self-styled prime minister Irsen Kucuk met with the foreign parliamentarians. Kucuk said in case the Cyprus problem cannot be solved, Cyprus would take over the rotating presidency of the EU in the second half of 2012 and this would be a legal crime.

Kucuk thanked the foreign parliamentarians as they didn’t left the Turkish Cypriots alone.

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