According to Illegal Bayrak television (20.07.11), the Turkish Cypriot leader Dervis Erdoglu has alleged that it is wrong for the UN to pursue a policy in parallel to Resolution No 186 of 4 March 1964. Speaking today in the occupied part of Lefkosia during the celebrations on the occasion of the 1974 Turkish invasion in Cyprus, Eroglu wondered whether the Cyprus problem would not have been settled if this stance of the international organization was correct. “If the problem has not yet been solved, should this Resolution and the Resolutions endorsed in parallel to this decision not be questioned”, he asked and replied: “In our view they should”.

Eroglu said that they expect the UN Secretary-General and his colleagues to act taking into consideration the “various tricks and delaying tactics” [of the Greek Cypriots] and added that the UN should not permit the prevention of a viable agreement which is based on the realities. He argued that the UN should indicate in a clearer manner the side which is right and the side which is wrong.

Referring to the EU, Eroglu argued that the stance of the EU towards the interests of the Turkish Cypriots is not right and should be changed.

Eroglu asked also for more “active and intensive” support from the Islamic countries.

Addressing to the Greek Cypriots, Eroglu argued that they should take lessons from what happened before 1974 and understand that an agreement in Cyprus could be viable and lasting if it takes into consideration what happened before 1974 and align itself with the existing realities. Eroglu alleged that the Greek Cypriot administrators and politicians should stop giving hope to their people that they could return back to the situation which existed before 1974.

He added: “37 years passed since 1974. A political, socioeconomic system has been established in northern Cyprus. The Turkish Cypriot people are not and will not be in favor of abandoning their self-administration and of endangering bi-zonality and Motherland Turkey’s active and effective guarantees”.

Eroglu argued that the Cyprus problem could be solved if progress is made in the direction of the above-mentioned points. “Otherwise, as state and Government officials of motherland Turkey have many times stressed, the Turkish Cypriot people should not anymore be victims of the non-solution”, he alleged.

Referring to the tripartite summit in Geneva on 7 July, Eroglu said that the Turkish side was satisfied by the UN Secretary-General’s demand in the direction of the intensification of the negotiations. He reiterated the Turkish view that the negotiations should be completed successfully by the end of this year and a referendum should be held in the first months of 2012.

Eroglu claimed: “If the target is July 2012 when the Greek Cypriot side will overtake the term presidency of the European Union, it would be tantamount to daydreaming to expect from our interlocutors, whose term presidency is guaranteed as of the beginning of next year, to show the necessary flexibility”.

Eroglu reiterated that the Turkish side wants a solution based on the existing realities, the equality and sovereignty of the two “peoples”, and added that bi-zonality and Turkey’s active and effective guarantees should not be diluted.

He alleged that embargoes are implemented on the Turkish Cypriots and the approval of EU’s Direct Trade Regulation is prevented. He recalled that the Turkish Cypriot side has started giving electricity to the Greek Cypriots and wished for this step of the Turkish side to bring the two sides closer and conduce to the development of concrete cooperation between them before the comprehensive solution of the Cyprus problem.

Eroglu said that he conveyed these messages last week during his visit to Brussels and added that he is certain that the Europeans understand the Turkish Cypriots, but cannot take the steps they want because of the obstacles by the Greek Cypriots.

Eroglu said he was proud and was moved by the speech earlier delivered by the Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan and wished for the Greek Cypriots and the other interested countries to have listened to this speech carefully. Eroglu thanked Turkey for its support to the Turkish Cypriots and said that since 2002 Erdogan sincerely wants the Turkish Cypriots to be developed, to live in prosperity, and to get rid of the ’embargoes” and from being the victims of the non-solution of the Cyprus problem.

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