Cyprus Archbishop Chrysostomos, together with the Turkish Cypriot Mufti inaugurated Monday a Youth Dialogue Forum, with the participation of children from the two communities of Cyprus, Israel and Palestine, in cooperation with the Swedish Embassy in Nicosia.

The aim of this forum, which will last until Sunday, is to bring together young children with different ethnic and religious backgrounds, in order to understand each others different perspectives through dialogue and talk on the positive role of religion in overcoming conflict and building peace.

The group of young children was received at the Archbishops palace, in Nicosia. Speaking to journalists, Archbishop Chrysostomos said that the message of this gathering is that religion is not dividing people, but unites them.

Her added that a problem ensued today with the participation of the children from the Turkish-occupied areas of Cyprus, since half of them were not Turkish Cypriots, but children of Turkish settlers, who did not manage to cross to the free areas of Cyprus.

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