Turkish Cypriot athletes want to compete in the free area of the Republic of Cyprus

Under the title “CFA received Lefka with open arms”, Turkish Cypriot daily Halkin Sesi (17.06.11) reports that a delegation of the Turkish Cypriot Lefka Sports Club headed by its president Yiltac Mukellef met yesterday in the government-controlled area of the Republic of Cyprus with a delegation of the Cyprus Football Association (CFA) headed by its chairman Kostas Koutsokoumnis.

In statements after the meeting, Koutsokoumnis expressed CFA’s satisfaction with the visit of Lefka Turkish Sports Club and its application to join CFA. He said that the rules and the regulations regarding becoming a CFA member were explained to the Turkish Cypriot delegation during the meeting and added that these conditions will be translated into English and sent to Lefka Sports Club. Koutsokoumnis said CFA is ready to accept Lefka or any other Turkish Cypriot football club in case they file application to join the Association. He noted that CFA has no red lines as long as the rules and regulations are implemented. He said that the CFA will make a positive discrimination in favor of Lefka taking into consideration that the first year will be difficult.

In his statements after the meeting, Mukellef said that they were received “sincerely and warmly” and that they visited CFA in order to find out the pros, the cons and the conditions of becoming a member of the Cyprus Football Association. He said that the CFA will look whether Lefka had been member of the Association in the past and added that if there was no membership, their application will be accepted immediately. He noted that the conditions for joining CFA are not harsh.

The paper writes that a second meeting will be held between the sides probably in July, after Lefka Sports Club studies and examines the English translation of the rules and regulations which will be sent to it by CFA.

Meanwhile, Turkish Cypriot daily Gunes (17.06.11) reports that the so-called football federation of the breakaway regime started considering to annul the license of Turkish Cypriot football player Mustafa Yasinses, who has signed a contract with Greek Cypriot Alki Football Club without obtaining permission by the so-called Turkish Cypriot federation.

The paper writes that confusion was created after Tekin Birinci, manager of the football player, leaked the text of the agreement to the press.

Gunes reports also that another Turkish Cypriot football player, Lefka’s goalkeeper Mehmet, is preparing to transfer to a Greek Cypriot club. According to Gunes, Mehmet is examining a proposal of 80 thousand Euros from a Greek Cypriot team. Under the title “Is he going to Omonia?”, Gunes reports that Mehmet does not want to reveal the name of the team which made this proposal to him, but most probably is Omonia Lefkosia. Mehmet stated that he is determined to utilize this chance and play in the free area of the Republic of Cyprus.

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