UNDP-Partnership for the Future and the European Commission announced the completion of the project for the restoration and rehabilitation of the village of Tremetousia, one of the four villages of Larnaca District occupied illegally by Turkish military forces since 1974.

As noted, the works for the upgrading of the main square of the village is one of several projects funded by the EU and implemented by UNDP-PFF in small villages and towns in the occupied areas, aiming to create new public spaces for community gatherings and social activities.

“By this project, we aimed to enhance these spaces and promote their public use for community purposes. Concurrently, we hope that the consolidation and rehabilitation of the village most representative and historic buildings, will contribute to the reinforcement of a common sense of responsibility for the preservation of the tradition and originality of these villages cultural heritage” Tiziana Zennaro from UNDP-PFF stated.

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