An increase of 30% of tourists in the occupied area of the Republic of CyprusAccording to illegal Bayrak television (online, 13.06.11), self-styled minister for tourism, environment and culture Unal Ustel, in a press release, announced that there has been a 30% increase in the number of foreigners, who visit the occupied area of the Republic of Cyprus from third countries, compared to last year, thanks to chartered flights from Germany, Italy, Holland and Belgium.

He said that after the 15th of June, new chartered flights, from Azerbaijan, Iran and Poland will lead to a 35% increase in tourists by the end of the year.

Explaining that for years the tourism industry in the occupied area of the Republic of Cyprus had been kept alive due to the tourism market in Turkey and the UK, Ustel said “we cannot continue with only two markets we need to expand and search for new markets”.

Referring to the so-called embargoes enforced by the international community due to the Republic of Cyprus, Ustel said that “chartered flights from Iran to the TRNC via Turkey will not be obstructed”.

He also announced that the latest phase of the project to enable Iranian tourists to come to the occupied area via a ferryboat from Antalya is also on the verge of completion.

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