Minister of Interior Neoklis Sylikiotis underlined on Saturday the importance of close cooperation between the small states of the European Union, adding that the establishment of joint mechanisms and institutions could further enhance the economic growth.

Addressing a convention organized by the Larnaca District Development Agency, founding member of the European cross-border cooperation groupings (EGCC) of the islands of the Mediterranean, titled “Mediterranean archipelago”, Interior Minister noted that via a comprehensive and efficient policy for the islands, sustainable development could be achieved.

Sylikiotis added that since Cyprus and Malta joined the EU in 2004, a new group of member states which share the same characteristics has been formed, noting that for the first time “our records can be compared to those of industrially advanced or smaller member states, which are part of the EU.

He said that EGCC’s role is to facilitate and promote cross-border, transnational and interregional cooperation with an aim of further economic growth for the countries and prosperity for their citizens.

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