Champions Olympiakos and at least four other Super League clubs are threatened with relegation due to the match-fixing scandal gripping Greek football since Wednesday.

Football prosecutor Andreas Fakos made it clear on Friday that any club found to be involved in the scandal would have to be relegated according to the rulebook.

Fakos told a radio interview that there are two crimes that concern the sports justice, and they are bribery and betting. “If the clubs are found guilty, then the law provides for relegation,” he stated.

Fakos added to Sentra FM that he is expecting a copy of the case documents in order to decide who will be summoned and charged as far as the sports side of the scandal is concerned.

The clubs implicated to date in the scandal with incriminating evidence according to the prosecutor’s report are Olympiakos Piraeus, Olympiakos Volou, Kavala, Kerkyra and Asteras Tripolis from the Super League, as well as more than half of the second division sides and several from the third.

Kavala is also at risk of getting charged for giving banned substances to their players this season, as the club’s owner appears to have admitted in a tapped conversation.

Olympiakos and Super League president Vangelis Marinakis, who is charged with participating in a criminal gang and assisting with serial bribery, stated on Friday that the case does not concern him or the club.

“The same propaganda networks that started a war against Olympiakos last February are continuing their war against us now,” stated Marinakis during the presentation of Olympiakos’s new signing, Ljubomir Fejsa.

Marinakis and the other 67 people listed by the prosecutor as involved in the case have been forbidden from leaving the country.

Meanwhile the Hellenic Football Federation (EPO) decided on the same day to sack Yiannis Papadopoulos, its employee who is among the five men police has issued an arrest warrant for.

EPO also decided to put five referees under suspension for their alleged involvement, while it is said that Olympiakos defender Avraam Papadopoulos and Under-21 national coach Giorgos Georgiadis will have no future in the national teams anymore.

One of the aspects of the scandal involved Manchester City’s Europa League game with Aris in spring.

One of Aris’s players, Costas Mendrinos, is heard to suggest that he was going to ensure that Aris would be the team to kick off the game, an event that those in the know would bet on in advance with odds of 19 to 10, the prosecutor’s report suggested.

Mendrinos is actually heard discussing the possibility of talking City’s Carlos Tevez into letting Aris kick the match off.

Aris made known on Thursday they would let Mendrinos go.

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