The Turkish Cypriot Leader Dervish Eroglu has sent letters to the Secretary General of the UN to EU officials and to Countries involved in the Cyprus solution complaining that the community had failed in its promise to  lift the so called isolation of Turkish Cypriots at the Referendum of the Annan Plan in April 2004. The Turkish Cypriot Leader says a solution is a compromise and will contribute to peace and stability in the Eastern Mediterranean.  The decision of the Turkish Cypriot Community to vote in favour of the Annan Plan was not easy it meant concessions, complaints and difficulties.

Eroglu also adds that despite the disappointment of the Turkish Cypriots after the result of the referendum and other consequences have left the desire for a solution unchanged.

Note that negative developments have weakened the faith of the Turkish Cypriots for a solution.

The Turkish Cypriot Leader Eroglu states we must find a lasting solution to the Cyprus problem.

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