Turkish Cypriot daily sees conditions for launching a separate process for the occupied closed city of Varosha after the recent decision of ECHR Under the title “Crisis over Varosha”, Turkish Cypriot daily Kibrisli (09.05.11) refers to a decision taken by the European Court of Human Rights (ECHR) which condemned Turkey to pay 20 million Euros as compensation to 32 Greek Cypriots, including well-known businessman Lordos, for their occupied properties in the closed city of Varosha. The paper writes that recently the Court s decision became final and Turkey must pay 20 million Euros by July.

Observers told the paper that this development “bears unpredictable dangers”. Citing diplomatic sources, the paper reports that the ECHR’s decision might endanger the existence of the “property compensation commission” established in the occupied area of Cyprus. The sources argued that this decision threatens the “national law of the TRNC”. The sources said the “commission” established in the occupied area might become an issue of debate now in the international law.

“With this decision, the Greek Cypriots have obtained a very important political trump card in this stage of the negotiations”, said the sources noting that new conditions have been created for launching a separate process on the issue of the occupied closed city of Varosha. “Now it will be understood how big mistake the Turkish side committed by not opening Varosha for settling”, the sources argued.

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