Turkish Cypriot drivers of commercial vehicles allege that they are prevented from crossing over to the government-controlled area. Under the title “Threats to Turkish drivers”, Turkish Cypriot daily Yeni Volkan (03.05.11) reports that Fuat Topaloglu, chairman of the union of Public Vehicles’ Operators (KAR-IS), has alleged that the police of the Republic of Cyprus prevent certain Turkish Cypriot commercial vehicles from crossing over to the Government-controlled area of Cyprus.

Topaloglu issued a written statement condemning this stance and calling on the “authorities” of the breakaway regime to implement the principle of reciprocity until the crossing of the commercial vehicles to the Government controlled areas of the Republic is secured. Topaloglu said that if the “government” of the regime does not prevent the crossing of Greek Cypriot commercial vehicles to the occupied part of the island, KAR-IS will do it.

Volkan alleges that the Government and the police of the Republic of Cyprus have threatened to kill a Turkish Cypriot driver named Salih Debreli who tried to cross over to the Government-controlled area of Cyprus with his commercial vehicle.

Meanwhile, Turkish Cypriot daily Kibris (03.05.11) reports that Salih Debreli carried tourists on his bus from a hotel in the occupied area of Cyprus to Larnaka Airport. Debreli stated that the security officials and the police at the airport told him not to go again. According to Debreli, the officials and the police told him the following: “This place belongs neither to Denktas nor to Eroglu. It is Christofias’ airport. Do not take passengers from here again and do not bring any more passengers”.

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