┬áKucuk in Istanbul to promote tourismAccording to illegal Bayrak television (online, 29.05.11), after completing his contacts in London self-styled prime minister Irsen Kucuk flew to Istanbul to attend the “North Cyprus promotion Days” that are being held in Turkey. The “TRNC” culture and tourism are promoted at 3 main squares in Istanbul as part of the declaration of 2011 as the “year of North Cyprus in Turkey”.

During a breakfast press conference given by the Beyoglu Mayor Ahmet Misbah Demircan, Kucuk said that “his government aims to increase investments and the number of tourists that visit the TRNC”.

Kucuk also said that their aim is to increase the capacity of beds in the occupied area, adding “Currently we have 16 thousand beds which means we have reached 45% of our goal. We will continue with our incitements until we reach 40 thousand beds”.

On the same issue, Ankara Anatolia news agency (28.05.11) reports that during a press conference in the north-western province of Istanbul, Kucuk said that the lack of political recognition of the “TRNC” had a (negative) impact on tourism and that the absence of direct flights was a big factor affecting tourism.

Noting that they are working closely with the Republic of Turkey to overcome such problems, Kucuk said: “The development of tourism cannot be achieved merely with an increase in the number of beds. We are making great efforts for the tourism sector and pay high attention to tourism based on golf, yachts, congress and health. We want to spread tourism in the TRNC to winter months as well. We are thankful to Turkey for its support to us in all fields

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