DIVORCED women who have been camping outside the parliament building in Nicosia since last Saturday say they will remain there until the state changes the system which makes them liable for their ex-husbands’ debts.

“We will stay here until they solve our problems, because the situation is tragic,” said Loulla Savvidou.

The women are seeking a change in legislation that will rid them of responsibility for paying their ex-husbands’ debts because they guaranteed loans when they were married. They feel they were fooled into signing as guarantors at times when they were particularly vulnerable, and now they are paying the price.

“We are protesting about the guarantees issue and this dictatorship by the banks, which due to a lack of legislation, are left to do what they want,” said Savvidou. “We are asking to be taken off as guarantors; for the banks to stop chasing us and chase those who actually owe them the money. And we are asking for compensations for the funds we have already paid out.”

Savvidou said the women, who handed over a petition to the Presidential Palace on Saturday, are hoping for specific solutions today, when President Demetris Christofias is expected to return from an official trip to Warsaw.

Source: Cyprus Mail

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